Lance Camper Tow Your float boat toys

So why choose a Slide On Camper

There are a range of benefits to choosing a slide on camper over a conventional RV.

So why a Slide On Camper ?

  • Slide on campers allow you to tow your trailer, float or boat behind you
  • A slide on camper is more manoeuvrable than towing a caravan
  • Slide on campers look great as they make your vehicle look like one compact unit (who would guess they can be disconnected in minutes
  • The options to create huge additional storage under the campers in the form of storage boxes is endless
  • Slide on campers allow your vehicle to be used independently leaving the slide on behind at your camp site
  • Slide on campers enable you to get into tighter spots and see more of the Australian outback due to them being attached directly to the tray of your vehicle.
  • Slide ons look great and are compact when all slide outs are brought inwards
  • A slide on camper is a cost effective way of seeing Australia when compared to other options

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Lance Camper Tow Your float boat toys