slide on campers at the rosehill supershow ccia

Rosehill Supershow Wrap Up 2016

Show Wrap Up 2016 -
Well we are glad we turned up. What a professional and well executed event held by the CCIA. After a year of planning we are really proud of how our site look at presented to our current and future customers.
We were warmly welcomed with many of the comments focussing around the fact that that the public were not aware that such a quality slide on camper existed in Australia.
When we set out on this journey we wanted to bring to Australia the US Number 1 slide on camper, or Truck Camper as they call it. And after several years of research and now several years of testing in the Australian market, it is clear we have achieved this.
Some of the regular comments we recieved:
‘Wow it even has a slide out’
‘I had no idea this option even existed’
‘I cannot believe I am actually on the back of a ute right now’
A hit for patrols was the new Mazda BT50 carrying the Lance 650. Such a tidy package and adequately equipped for some serious travelling.
After so much positive feedback and enquiry from the show we are a little snowed under this week. So those who left their details for us to give them a live demonstration, please be patient, you will hear back from us by the end of the week. We will also be sending out and info email to our group email list, so make sure you are on it. (IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE ADDED TO OUR INFO MAILING LIST PLEASE EMAIL US AT INFO@TRUCKCAMPERSALES.COM.AU)
Stay tuned for some more updates and new camper configurations in the very near future.
Cheers CCIA.