Lance Camper Factory Tour July 2014

lance camper factory visit australia

As you may know we have just returned from a trip to the Lance Camper Factory in Lancaster California. During our time at the Factory we engaged in discussions with the President, Vice President, Chief Administration officer and several other senior Lance Camper staff.  

One thing we did learn is that Lance Camper is currently discontinuing a number of Lance Camper models. This is something Lance does from time to time as they try and focus on their most popular and technically refined models. As such the following models are being discontinued 855, 950S, 992, 1181 and 1191. This fortunately does not affect the Lance Models that we were planning on focusing on here in Australia. 

From our extensive research and Australian testing the primary models we will be focusing on will be:

825 – Short Bed camper

855S – Short Bed camper

1052 – Long Bed camper

1172 – Long Bed camper

The layout, overall design and internal operability of these campers we believe (in consultation with the Lance Factory) will be the best to suit Australian conditions and government road compliance. In particular the 1052 (the newest model) we really love and if you are interested in a Long Bed model I urge you to really look into this one. We should have a couple of these in the country very shortly…..

lance campers in australia