How to guide to Glamping in Australia

Glamping is a form of camping in which the traditional aspects of tent camping aren’t present. Instead, sleeping bags are replaced by comfortable beds and you cook on a stove instead of a campfire.

Glamping is a combination word formed from glamorous and camping, which describes the experience you get with a Lance Camper pretty well. You can glamp in huts, yurts, treehouses, or a motorhome, of course. Cabins can also be considered glamping and there are thousands of these throughout our country. There’s no solid definition for glamping, as it’s a bit of an informal term, but if you’re not having to rough it in the outdoors, it’s probably glamping.

Because there’s no ‘true’ way to go glamping, you can pretty much engineer a hotel room on the road anywhere you go. Whether you want to visit the east coast, the west coast, or anywhere between, there are places to glamp. Many Australian holiday parks now have very affordable but upmarket camping options in the form of cabins and villas with amazing facilities to supplement your Lance experience on the road.

Naturally, glamping will cost a bit more than the traditional method of camping, but is well worth it when you realize how much more you get with it. There are a number of sites that can help you find where you want to go and what to expect before you go glamping. Of course, even though there is the word glamorous attached to this camping style, it doesn’t mean that every campsite will turn out the same. Do your research on each site you want to visit before you go.

If you already own a Lance Camper, we’re sure you’re familiar with camping in style, comfort, and luxury. Take a break from roughing it and make your next camping trip more like staying in a hotel room by adding some creature comforts. The best part is, glamping gives you more flexibility on location than a hotel room, so maybe that five-star room overlooking the lake shore is just a travel trailer away!