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So Why a Slide On Camper


So many people are experiencing the wonderful benefits that a slide on camper provides. The two most prominent benefits and reasons for switching to a slide on are the tow opportunities it provides and the detachability of the camper from the vehicle. Unlike motor homes a slide on does not tie up your vehicle for the other 46 weeks a year that you don’t use it. For some people having a $100K plus asset tied up in the back yard is just not viable. That is where slide ons allow full detachment from the vehicle allowing the vehicle to be used all year round. This detachability is also handy whilst away on trips, enabling the user to leave the camper behind at their campsite and travel the area in their vehicle unencumbered by towing or carrying anything.
To remove a Lance Slide On Camper from your vehicles takes less than 5 minutes. This process is almost fully automated thanks to the Atwood Electric Legs which lift and lower the camper into position. A handy remote control lets you stand back and raise your camper, before driving your vehicle out from underneath it. Stay tuned to the Truck Camper Sales You Tube Channel for over 40 brand new “How To” videos soon to be online, one of which is the “How to remove your slide on camper from your vehicle”
For the boating, horse, farming and motorsport industry, the enhanced towing opportunities that a slide on provide is the other main reason for switching from a conventional trailer or caravan set up. Having the slide on positioned above the ute tray of your vehicle exposes your tow bar enabling the towing of horse floats, boats, toy trailers or work trailers. At Truck Camper Sales we suggest the Torklift Super Hitch as a durable and reliable tow bar extension enabling the towing of pretty much anything you like behind your Lance Camper set up. The possibilities for boating and fishing enthusiasts are endless. Ever been frustrated when you have to choose between towing your caravan or your boat. Not a problem when you own a slide on camper.
Combining the towing and the detachability is especially helpful to those wanting to camp some distance from their animal trailers or motor sport trailers. Keeping a little distance from the sounds and smells of some of these trailers is a common thread in stories we are hearing from our customers. Having a slide on camper to tow your toys or animals to your destination, then being able to detach your camper a short distance from these trailers or floats gives a little more camping comfort and environmental seclusion.
Coming from a camping family we at Truck Camper Sales understand what makes your trip a relaxed and stress free one. Consider a discussion about a SLIDE ON for your future camper adventures. John and Ben Davis Truck Camper Sales 02 9652 2869 or info@truckcampersales.com.au


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