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Discovering the best Lance Slide On Camper for you and your family…..

If you’re looking into purchasing a Lance truck camper or travel trailer, but you’re not sure which one to go for, we’re here to let you know that you really can’t go wrong. That said, there are pros and cons to each one that ought to be taken into consideration when shopping. Here’s how the two types compare:

Lance Travel Trailer for sale australia

Travel Trailers

Lance Travel trailers come in many shapes, sizes, colors and lengths. Some have slide-outs and awnings, some are more basic. The benefits of owning a travel trailer are many and include spacious and open floorplans for numerous guests, more interior space since there are no engines or driving components, the towing vehicle doubles as your transportation, lower profile for better clearance, and they can be towed with a variety of vehicles.

There might be a bit of a learning curve for some drivers, specifically those who don’t have experience towing longer trailers. Because you are already towing a trailer, you typically cannot tow anything else, and the larget trailers may require a large truck to tow effectively. Additionally, travel trailers need a fair amount of storage space when not in use.

Truck Campers                             825

Lance Truck Campers are an extremely convenient option, but with one caveat: you need a pickup truck. These small and lightweight campers are designed to sit over the bed of a pickup truck. They are some of the most affordable campers on the market, don’t take up much space when not in use, and don’t require mechanical maintenance, which almost every othe type of recreational vehicle or camper needs.

Because a truck camper hitches a ride on your truck, you can reach camping spots that are inaccessible to larger RVs and campers, especially if your truck is equipped with all-wheel drive and can off road.

If truck campers have a downside, it is that they are not as roomy as other RVs and can become cramped living quarters if used on long trips or for extended periods of time.

Hopefully, this have given you some food for thought for your next Lance Camper purchase.