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Lance Campers and the South Coast Caravan and Camping Show 2015

Well the South Coast Caravan, Camping and Holiday Show commenced on the 6 November, 2015 at Mackay Park Batemans Bay. After some early sunlight the heavens opened with a down pour of rain soaking the grounds. After a very busy Friday morning this down pour scattered the crowd, leaving all the exhibitors running for cover and coverings to protect their exhibits.

Day 2 started much the same as the Day 1 ended. Some early rain, but just before lunch the rain stopped and didn’t that bring the crowds. A huge amount of interested in the show and specifically our slide on camper display. Patrons were amazed at the size and luxurious set up that our Lance Campers contained. A glorious afternoon with much of the wet ground from the previous day or so drying up well. We were able to get around to some other exhibits and see some of the many great ingenious designs and options available nowadays in Australian caravan and camping.

Day 3 and the weather is with us…… the overwhelming response to our site was humbling. People were amazed at the internal size of our slide on campers with many not even knowing that such a quality slide on camper option even existed in Australia.

Literally hundreds of onlookers went through our display with several of our campers now pre sold. Thank you to the CCIA for putting on such a professional and enjoyable caravan and camping show. We will be back next year for sure.

Slide on Campers at Caravan Camping & Holiday Expo Batemans Bay

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