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Lance Camper Tow Your float boat toys

So why choose a Slide On Camper

There are a range of benefits to choosing a slide on camper over a conventional RV.

So why a Slide On Camper ?

  • Slide on campers allow you to tow your trailer, float or boat behind you
  • A slide on camper is more manoeuvrable than towing a caravan
  • Slide on campers look great as they make your vehicle look like one compact unit (who would guess they can be disconnected in minutes
  • The options to create huge additional storage under the campers in the form of storage boxes is endless
  • Slide on campers allow your vehicle to be used independently leaving the slide on behind at your camp site
  • Slide on campers enable you to get into tighter spots and see more of the Australian outback due to them being attached directly to the tray of your vehicle.
  • Slide ons look great and are compact when all slide outs are brought inwards
  • A slide on camper is a cost effective way of seeing Australia when compared to other options

To see our slide on camper pricing [CLICK HERE]

Lance Camper Tow Your float boat toys

Waeco Fridge for Lance Camper 825 model

Australian compliant Waeco refrigerator for Lance Camper 825 model

The neatly fitted WAECO refrigerator (fully Australian compliant and warranted) in our 825 Short Bed model Lance Campers.
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The fit out of our latest 825 model Lance Campers has been a challenging but thought provoking mission. At Truck Camper Sales our vision of completely Australian compliant campers for our Australian customers is becoming a reality.

We handed over one of our 825 model Lance Campers last week to some very excited and happy customers. A flawless fit out of Australian compliant appliances and related back end materials really set this camper apart from the competition.

We are proud to be working on our latest 1052 Long Bed and 855S Short bed Lance Camper models in the next few days.

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The Lance Camper model 1172 on tour in Australia

Recently on tour in Australian conditions was the Lance Camper 1172. John Davis carrying his Lance Camper also towing his boat, travelled north for some much needed time away. The Dodge Ram 3500 more than handled the largest of the Lance fleet fully laiden with equipment, food and water supplies. John’s modified Dodge Ram now has storage boxes down the side instead of the standard tub tray.

Both options would have worked well carrying the Lance 1172 however the massive storage capability that the boxes down the side of the Dodge Ram, really enable the outdoor kitchen when camping.

A great trip away with friends carrying the pride of Lance Campers fleet all the way.

Dodge Ram and Lance Campers Australia Lance camper allows boat pulling sydney Lance Camper in Australia for sale Lance Camper on Tour in Australia Lance Camper pulling boat in australia

The Lance 1172 & the Lance 855S arriving in Aus shortly

Our container of Lance Campers is currently on the high seas on the way to Australia. Packed with two slide on campers, the Lance 1172 and the Lance 855S this delicate cargo should be arriving in Australia in mid to late May 2014. With so many customers lined up to view this brand new stock we are excited to have them arrive.

At Lance Campers Australia, you won’t be disappointed, you won’t be left to fend for yourself after sales of the camper and you won’t be left with an inferior product.

You will receive…..

  • A quality Lance Slide on
  • Brilliant after sales support and service
  • Access to a vast range of Lance accessories
  • A quality fitted out camper ready for use in Australia

Any questions, concerns or comments…….we want to hear them. We value your feed back

E: info@lancecampers.com.au – (02) 9652 2869

slide on campers aus slide on australia

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Lance Camper Short Bed or Long Bed? You decide

Lance Slide On Camper 992 model cleanSome valuable information from the Lance Campers US website.

Truck campers (or slide on campers as we call them in Australia) come in a variety of sizes, styles, lengths, and weights. If you are looking into purchasing a truck camper, don’t let the amount of options overwhelm you. There are many things to keep in mind when you go shopping. The first thing you want to figure out is whether you need a long or short bed camper. People that have been camping for years with this unique style of camper will tell you that you should pick your camper first and then your truck.

This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. What if you already have a truck? You might not want to buy another or maybe you aren’t even able to. You just want to find a camper that will work with what you have. Here are a few things to look for or keep in mind when deciding on a Lance truck camper.

First, be sure that the camper you are looking for can be held by your truck. The units with slide outs will be heavier, which require a heavier payload.

As far as the campers are concerned, it really is up to your preference, but here are a couple things to consider:

  • A short bed camper is obviously best for a short bed truck. These aren’t as common, however, and more people buy long bed campers.
  • You have a lot more options with a long bed, so if you can acquire one of those, do so. Long bed campers have a higher resale value as well.

Short bed campers can be great for lone adventurers or for a couple. They provide just enough space for sleeping, cooking, and showering. Another factor to consider when choosing is whether you want a dry bath or wet bath. This can be crucial if you have a strong preference. The same applies for a preference in truck manufacturers. Ford vs Chevrolet? Toyota vs Ram? You decide.

If you need help in deciding which will be best for you, visit Lance Camper online or stop by an authorised dealer. The Lance Match Maker tool on our website will help you weed out which camper would be best given the type of truck you have or are considering.

Lance Slide On Campers Now in Australia


For quality US build Slide On Campers….you cannot go past Lance Campers

Now being distributed in Australia. See why its USA’S number 1 camper brand

Quality product, support and after sales service


Located at Middle Dural Sydney (02)  9652 2869





Floor Length10’11″308cm
Overall Length19’8″604cm
Exterior Width96″243cm
Exterior Height9’5″290cm
Interior Height81″206cm
Cabover Height3’5″107cm
Dry Weight30301374 kg
Centre of Gravity48″122cm
Fresh Tank30 gallons114 litres
Grey Tank27 gallons102 litres
Black Tank22 gallons83 litres
Refrigerator6 cubic feet 
Propane2-5 gallon tank8 – 19 litre tank
Furnace20,000 BTU’s 
Sleeping Capacity5Conversions are approximate

It’s easy to put all the features you want into a big truck camper. But when you manage to fit them all, and then some, into an efficient package – you’ve got the 1050S.

The slideout features a dinette that seats 4 and sleeps 2. The galley offers plenty of room and is new for 2014 with a dual sink moulded into the counter top with additional prep area across in the slideout. Add to that a dry bath and it’s easy to see why the 1050S is so popular.

For detailed information in relation to all Lance Slide On Campers, the US Lance Campers website is a wealth of information.

For the Lance Slide On Camper 1050 S model go to: