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John’s beast and his Lance 1062 slide on camper

The Sydney 4×4 and Adventure Show recently wrapped up on 16 October. After three days in the beautful Australian sun we certainly returned back to the office a little sun kissed.

A huge response at the show to John’s beast the Dodge Ram 3500 with the Lance 1062 on board. People were simply amazed at the size of the slide on camper. If we got $1 every time someone said, “I had no idea they made slide ons this big” well we could retireslide on campers for dodge ram Dodge Ram and Slide On Campers sales Dodge RamSlide On Campers Dodge Ram and truck camper sales Dodge Ram and Slide On Campers Dodge Ram and Slide Ons

Latest slide on camper sale at Truck Camper Sales

Congratulations to Gina and Brad our latest Lance 855S slide on camper owners. On their F250 with rear suspension upgrade. Looking forward to seeing many photos of you all out on the open Australian roads.

This one has the optional dinette bunk bed. Can sleep 5 when all these options added. Fold down dinette bed and over head bunk bed.

Congrats and enjoy…

Gina and Brad Lance Camper on F250





slide on camper with slide out sydney

Slide On Camper Australia – 6 wheeler option

If you are looking to buy a slide on camper in Australia and are struggling to find a quality unit, why not check out what we have on offer at Truck Camper Sales. We recently tested our slide on campers on a 6 wheel version of a Nissan Navara and the testing was brilliant.

Another option for Australian customers to feel the quality that Lance Camper offers with its slide on campers. Our campers slide on an off the Navara with ease and are built the strict quality standards of Lance Camper. Our slide on campers are warranted and are 100% compliant to Australian standards.

The slide on Lance Campers we offer at Truck Camper Sales:

Lance Camper model 825 Slide On Camper – short bed camper

Lance Camper model 855S Slide On Camper – short bed camper

Lance Camper model 1052 Slide On Camper – long bed camper

Lance Camper model 1172 Slide On Camper – long bed camper

For info on the 6 wheeler as a vehicle option contact us today on 02 9652 2869

slide on camper australia

lance slide on camper sales australia

Slide On Camper options by Truck Camper Sales Australia

Lance Camper and VW Transporter 4 wheel motion vehicle


Another option for the fitting of the short bed Lance Slide on Campers is the VW Transporter dual cab. This vehicle is 4 wheel motion enabling you to get in and out of tough terrain whilst carrying your Lance Slide on Camper.

Some recent tests we did with this vehicle really identified the capabilities of this vehicle and suitability for use with Lance Campers. Apart from its capabilities, the Lance Camper fits effectively to the VW tray and provides plenty of space for alluminium or steel boxes to be built along the sides providing more storage options.

For more information please contact us:

Phone: (02) 9652 2869   &   0418 445 635



Slide on Campers for viewing in Sydney – Lance 1052 and 855S models


Just fresh from the US are our 2015 model Lance Slide On Campers. These models are the brand new Long Bed 1052 and the Short Bed 855S designs. The new colour scheme and interiors are looking fantastic.

The majority of these campers are pre sold however there is still some opportunity to get in for our next shipment. More importantly for those considering a Lance Camper this is a great time to come over and view for yourself the quality, durability and huge space these campers offer for customers.


LANCE CAMPER 825 MODEL: Priced from $52,500 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

LANCE CAMPER 855S MODEL: Priced from $67,500 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

See more Short Bed Information


LANCE CAMPER 1052 MODEL: Priced from $71,500 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

LANCE CAMPER 1172 MODEL: Priced from $76,000 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

See more Long Bed Information

As always you can get us on (02) 9652 2869 or info@truckcampersales.com.au

if you would like a tour of our Lance Camper models, please call us, pop in or we can send you further images via email if you are unavailable to attend our site.

Lance Camper 1052 now in sydney for viewing Lance Camper australian sunset Lance Campers in Sydney 1052 and 855s Slide on camper by lance campers australia

Slide on Camper Australian Compliant Lance 1172 model

The very spacious internal panorama images of the Lance Slide On Camper 1172 model. Available for viewing at Truck Camper Sales (02) 9652 2869 info@lancecampers.com.au

Soon to be uploaded to our website internal panoramic images…you can control. Stay tuned…. www.lancecampers.com.au

Lance Camper 1172 model Truck Camper Sales Australia f Lance Camper 1172 model Truck Camper Sales Australia l Lance Camper 1172 model Truck Camper Sales Australia s Lance Camper 1172 model Truck Camper Sales Australia

Buy your very own Australian compliant Slide on Camper here at Truck Camper Sales