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Lance Camper and VW Transporter 4 wheel motion vehicle


Another option for the fitting of the short bed Lance Slide on Campers is the VW Transporter dual cab. This vehicle is 4 wheel motion enabling you to get in and out of tough terrain whilst carrying your Lance Slide on Camper.

Some recent tests we did with this vehicle really identified the capabilities of this vehicle and suitability for use with Lance Campers. Apart from its capabilities, the Lance Camper fits effectively to the VW tray and provides plenty of space for alluminium or steel boxes to be built along the sides providing more storage options.

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Lance Camper Bunk accessory folded up Lance Camper Bunk accessory

QUESTION: We’re considering a truck camper but need to know if any model can sleep two adults and four children (ages six to 15)?

ANSWER: Most of our campers have the ability to sleep five or possibly six. If you were to sleep three people (two adults and possibly a small child) in the cabover you can have two sleep at the dinette bed and one more in the dinette overhead bunk bed.

We’ve heard of some customers using the cab of the truck to sleep extra people if needed (they leave the pass through window into the cab of the truck open so some heat/air will get into the truck).

An optional fold-down back tent compartment in the Lance models 1191 can provide significantly more room for enclosed outdoor dining or sleeping.

Above images show the bunk neatly tucked away and then extended.