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Slide on Campers for viewing in Sydney – Lance 1052 and 855S models


Just fresh from the US are our 2015 model Lance Slide On Campers. These models are the brand new Long Bed 1052 and the Short Bed 855S designs. The new colour scheme and interiors are looking fantastic.

The majority of these campers are pre sold however there is still some opportunity to get in for our next shipment. More importantly for those considering a Lance Camper this is a great time to come over and view for yourself the quality, durability and huge space these campers offer for customers.


LANCE CAMPER 825 MODEL: Priced from $52,500 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

LANCE CAMPER 855S MODEL: Priced from $67,500 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

See more Short Bed Information


LANCE CAMPER 1052 MODEL: Priced from $71,500 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

LANCE CAMPER 1172 MODEL: Priced from $76,000 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

See more Long Bed Information

As always you can get us on (02) 9652 2869 or info@truckcampersales.com.au

if you would like a tour of our Lance Camper models, please call us, pop in or we can send you further images via email if you are unavailable to attend our site.

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