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Lance Camper 1062 Exterior Slide Out

The shortest double slide on camper….the Lance 1062

The Lance 1062 – Shortest Double Slide 
The Lance 1062 is the shortest double slide, dry bath truck camper on the market, and it now has more room than ever before. Combine the best features of the Lance 1052 with a new raised basement, and you have one of the most innovative truck campers on the market. The following are just a few reasons why you should consider the 1062 if you want to make all of your travel experiences more enjoyable.More Room Than Ever

The Lance 1062 truck camper offers more than 52 inches of main floor width, a new raised floor, large slide-out storage and more head room in the cab-over and dinette areas.

Industry-Leading Features

The Lance 1062 is loaded with the industry’s latest and greatest features, so you can enjoy Class A luxuries in the convenience of a truck camper. Travelers enjoy full-view dual-pane tinted windows, a Bluetooth audio system, large galley window, dual pane skylight, privacy curtain, LED reading lights, reversible dinette cushions, mirrored wardrobe, LED interior lighting, wireless remote slide-out control, an exterior wash station and countless other touches that will allow you to stay on the road as long as you please.

Top-Quality Construction

It’s no secret that Lance campers are made with the highest-quality materials and construction methods. This 1062 is equipped with a one-piece TPO roof, block foam insulation and aluminum framed walls, floors, ceilings and bed. The cab-over bed, floors and roof are laminated and insulated as well. An aluminum rear bumper, Lamalux 4000 fiberglass exterior, Lance-Lok II basement truss, wing and side rails, and one-piece formed TPO cab-over front cap are just a few of the many construction and exterior features that ensure you’ll enjoy decades of adventure.

Lance Partners With Cruise America

Lance is pleased to announce they have entered into a partnership with Cruise America RV Rental. Lance will be supplying truck campers that will be available for rent at four North American locations (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver & Calgary).

“We are happy to be partnering with Cruise America on this project. We believe the truck camper market has substantial growth potential and the additional exposure these units will provide at national parks and campgrounds in key markets will help foster this growth” states Jack Cole, President & CEO at Lance. “Another benefit of the partnership is now prospective truck camper buyers will have the option to try before they buy, just as customers have with other types of RV’s.”

Lance will be supplying the Cruise America T17 model that is based on the Lance 650 truck camper released last year in the U.S. and Canada, which is designed specifically for half-ton short bed trucks.

Michael Smalley, Vice President for Cruise America RV Rental adds, “We are pleased to add the Cruise America T17 truck camper to our RV fleet. With the growing popularity of small campers, the T17 will allow us to provide our customers with a vehicle that’s easy to drive, simple to operate, gets great gas mileage and still has all the amenities of a full-size motorhome. Especially for those who’ve never tried an RV vacation, this will be an excellent adventure vehicle.”

Lance Camper and Truck Camper Sales Australia

Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation is proud to have recently announced the celebration of its 50th anniversary with the release of a new breed of slide on camper.  Lance Camper manufacturing  say, “We are so thankful for our customers, employees, dealers and our supplier partners who together have been providing and purchasing the highest quality and most innovative Truck Campers (slide on campers) available in the market today.”

Every year, thousands of customers give us the opportunity to earn their trust and select a Lance in which to spend their precious recreational time.

Although Lance has always been known as the leader in Truck Camper manufacturing, since the introduction of Ultra-Light Travel Trailers in 2009, our trailers have become one of the fastest selling brands. With the addition of our all new Toy Haulers this year, we have demonstrated the ability to stay true to our brand by providing the highest quality product available, as well as a truly “No Compromises”, full-featured Toy Hauler.

This year also marks the year we have earned our 12th RV Dealers Association DSI Quality Circle Award. This award is given to those RV manufacturers that demonstrate achievement in product quality and dealer service and are best in the industry. We work hard every day to continue to live up to the highest of expectations.

We celebrate not ourselves with this milestone anniversary; rather, we celebrate our relationships with our customers, many of whom over the years have become good friends. We start with state of the art research and design processes, then select the highest quality components and assemble them in the most advanced automated manufacturing environment in the industry. What will continue to be clear throughout it all is how one thing has never changed: Our dedication to providing our customers the best built RV’s in the business.

Thank you to our customers for the confidence you continue to place with us. For those considering a Lance, we invite you to “Discover The Lance Difference” for yourself.

In Australia Truck Camper Sales continues this proud Lance tradition brining the Lance brand to the Australian public. With fully Australian compliant gas, electrical and appliance installation it ensure the Lance brand and quality it has set its foundations on continues here in Australia. Celebrating this 50th anniversary milestone with Lance Camper,  Truck Camper Sales is proud to introduce to the Australian market the smallest Lance Slide On Camper ever built. The Lance 650 which is suitable for the everyday Australian utilities we see every day on the road. We look forward to displaying this option in 2016 to our Australian customers…..

lance 650 slide on camper exterior photo lance camper on ford ftruck australia slide on campervan australia kitchen

Lance camper logo 2016 on black with URL

Whats New for Lance Campers in 2016

The amazing new 650 by manufacturer Lance Camper is set to take the Australian market by storm. Historically the main issue with fitting a Lance Camper to the Australian made utilities is pay load capacity. Lance Campers are solid in construction and packed with accessories, appliances and features but the one draw back with all these features is the weight of the campers. The mid to upper range of Lance Slide On Campers are too heavy for our standard Australian utilities.

The game has now changed with the introduction of the Lance 650. Having worked with Lance Camper for several years now Truck Camper Sales Australia have highlighted to the manufacturer the need for a lighter weight model to suit utilities with a smaller pay load. Well now in 2016 that request is coming to fruition. Truck Camper sales introduce their first shipment of the Lance 650 in February, 2016.

The 650 model still has an internal bathroom, kitchen area, dinette, cabover bed, refrigerator and air conditioner. None of the great items we have all grown to love from Lance Camper have been excluded. The 650 model is actually even higher internally than its big brother the Lance 825. The Lance 650 is actually the height internally of the Lance 855S which is the mid range camper in the fleet. So where some areas of the camper have been brought in in size to minimise weight the camper height and internal appliance is very similar to the 855S model. Lances state of the art computer design programming has allowed the design of the 650 to really maximise ALL space in and around the voids within the camper structure.

To be one of the first to see this slide on in the flesh contact Ben and the Truck Camper Sales team at info@truckcampersales.com.au or call them on (02) 9652 2869

lance camper on ford ftruck australia

Lance Camper Tow Your float boat toys

So why choose a Slide On Camper

There are a range of benefits to choosing a slide on camper over a conventional RV.

So why a Slide On Camper ?

  • Slide on campers allow you to tow your trailer, float or boat behind you
  • A slide on camper is more manoeuvrable than towing a caravan
  • Slide on campers look great as they make your vehicle look like one compact unit (who would guess they can be disconnected in minutes
  • The options to create huge additional storage under the campers in the form of storage boxes is endless
  • Slide on campers allow your vehicle to be used independently leaving the slide on behind at your camp site
  • Slide on campers enable you to get into tighter spots and see more of the Australian outback due to them being attached directly to the tray of your vehicle.
  • Slide ons look great and are compact when all slide outs are brought inwards
  • A slide on camper is a cost effective way of seeing Australia when compared to other options

To see our slide on camper pricing [CLICK HERE]

Lance Camper Tow Your float boat toys

Lance Camper and VW Transporter 4 wheel motion vehicle


Another option for the fitting of the short bed Lance Slide on Campers is the VW Transporter dual cab. This vehicle is 4 wheel motion enabling you to get in and out of tough terrain whilst carrying your Lance Slide on Camper.

Some recent tests we did with this vehicle really identified the capabilities of this vehicle and suitability for use with Lance Campers. Apart from its capabilities, the Lance Camper fits effectively to the VW tray and provides plenty of space for alluminium or steel boxes to be built along the sides providing more storage options.

For more information please contact us:

Phone: (02) 9652 2869   &   0418 445 635



Slide on Campers for viewing in Sydney – Lance 1052 and 855S models


Just fresh from the US are our 2015 model Lance Slide On Campers. These models are the brand new Long Bed 1052 and the Short Bed 855S designs. The new colour scheme and interiors are looking fantastic.

The majority of these campers are pre sold however there is still some opportunity to get in for our next shipment. More importantly for those considering a Lance Camper this is a great time to come over and view for yourself the quality, durability and huge space these campers offer for customers.


LANCE CAMPER 825 MODEL: Priced from $52,500 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

LANCE CAMPER 855S MODEL: Priced from $67,500 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

See more Short Bed Information


LANCE CAMPER 1052 MODEL: Priced from $71,500 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

LANCE CAMPER 1172 MODEL: Priced from $76,000 (AUD) (Australian compliant)

See more Long Bed Information

As always you can get us on (02) 9652 2869 or info@truckcampersales.com.au

if you would like a tour of our Lance Camper models, please call us, pop in or we can send you further images via email if you are unavailable to attend our site.

Lance Camper 1052 now in sydney for viewing Lance Camper australian sunset Lance Campers in Sydney 1052 and 855s Slide on camper by lance campers australia

Slide on Camper Australian Compliant Lance 1172 model

The very spacious internal panorama images of the Lance Slide On Camper 1172 model. Available for viewing at Truck Camper Sales (02) 9652 2869 info@lancecampers.com.au

Soon to be uploaded to our website internal panoramic images…you can control. Stay tuned…. www.lancecampers.com.au

Lance Camper 1172 model Truck Camper Sales Australia f Lance Camper 1172 model Truck Camper Sales Australia l Lance Camper 1172 model Truck Camper Sales Australia s Lance Camper 1172 model Truck Camper Sales Australia

Buy your very own Australian compliant Slide on Camper here at Truck Camper Sales