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The Lance 1172 & the Lance 855S arriving in Aus shortly

Our container of Lance Campers is currently on the high seas on the way to Australia. Packed with two slide on campers, the Lance 1172 and the Lance 855S this delicate cargo should be arriving in Australia in mid to late May 2014. With so many customers lined up to view this brand new stock we are excited to have them arrive.

At Lance Campers Australia, you won’t be disappointed, you won’t be left to fend for yourself after sales of the camper and you won’t be left with an inferior product.

You will receive…..

  • A quality Lance Slide on
  • Brilliant after sales support and service
  • Access to a vast range of Lance accessories
  • A quality fitted out camper ready for use in Australia

Any questions, concerns or comments…….we want to hear them. We value your feed back

E: info@lancecampers.com.au – (02) 9652 2869

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