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Lance Camper Design and Construction. The Legacy of Quality Begins Here.

3D advanced CAD engineering creates precise plans that run CNC machinery. The result is that every part is the same and perfect every time. Keeping it all together are stainless steel fasteners. Unlike our competitors, this expensive hardware resists corrosion making for a lasting investment.

When considering the purchase of any RV, you want to look beneath the surface. Of course our aerodynamic nose cap is both resiliant and attractive, the glossy fiberglass beautiful, and the new designer interiors luxurious, yet practical and liveable. But it’s the things you don’t see like stainless fasteners that don’t rust, Azdel eliminates wood from the walls along with rot and mold and construction of interiors with Lite-ply – the same wood used in corporate jets for a good look and light weight. Once you look past our rugged, good looks – feel free to look where others hope you won’t – and you’ll see why a Lance will be your travel companion for many journeys to come.

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Since 1965 Lance has been building America’s most popular truck campers. And today, many of them are still on the road – a true testament to the company’s philosophy that Quality Comes First. Now Lance is making its mark with travel trailers that are the new towable of choice.

Based in California – the nation’s most demanding state for building safe products – Lance manufactures from a State-of-the-Art Production Facility – a 141,000 square foot, 22 acre campus – campus because Lance continues to learn from its dealers and from every single customer who provides ongoing feedback for improvement and new product design.

Ideas born from this process include LanceLock™, the use of Azdel™, Lite-Ply™ and the removal of all Mercury making for an eco-friendly, toxin-free RV. These are just a few of the examples of our advanced engineering that contributes to a quality product.

That’s why for the last decade, Lance has won the prestigious DSI Award (Dealer Satisfaction Index) for quality almost every year. We’re also rated Best in Owner Satisfaction by our customers who are often repeat buyers and a source of referrals for new customers. And recently, Consumers Digest awarded the entire Lance line their highest rating.

It doesn’t stop there. To be a Lance dealer requires commitment. Every dealer goes through extensive training giving us the comprehensive authorized Dealership Network across the United States and Canada. Whether a first-time or repeat customer, in need of service or camper education – our network is always there for you.

At Truck Camper Sales, we mirror the service, quality and attention to detail of the parent company Lance Camper US. The Lance philosophy of customer service extends to all our customers here in Australia.

There are a range of areas in which Australian standards have been created, for your safety. These include gas and electricity. You should also do your research in regard to the vehicle that you are using to carry your slide on camper. Incorrectly balanced vehicles with insufficient pay load may cause you issues. Speak to your sales person. Do your research, and ask questions.

At Lance Campers Australia, we pride ourselves on customer service and we will help you find the answers you need. With direct contact to the Lance Factory and Management in the USA, we can get you the answers you need and fast.

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