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Good morning Ben and the Team,

How wonderful it feels to be able to sit down and compose an email full of heart-felt thanks to a wonderful team at Lance & Truck Camper Sales, as well as, to express my total and utter happiness and satisfaction with my Lance 650 Slide On Camper, and, the fit out to my ute, supplied by you.

Your thoroughness is second to none.  Coming from Melbourne, timing meant that I had to drive through the night to reach Melbourne in time to wish my son a Happy 21st Birthday.  I  set off in the evening, tackled Sydney’s peak hour traffic, and hit the open road.  I drove until I could no longer at which time I would jump into the camper and have a snooze.  The diesel heater worked a treat !!!  The comfort of the bed – wonderful.

During our first month together, we have driven through heavy traffic, long open roads, torrential rain, bitter cold, and, gale force winds.  I was so happy and amazed at how beautifully the set-up has handled it all.

Coming from a hugely expensive and large Sunliner motorhome with slide-outs and all the trimmings – I expected to feel cramped and unhappy with the down-sizing.  In fact, I have experienced the exact opposite.  The design and quality of the Lance Slide On far exceeds the Sunliner.  Everything I need fits in perfectly.  Everything works.  No more stressing about ground clearance.  No more stressing about being able to fit into places.  The slide on camper exudes quality, style, homeliness, and practicality.  The freedom and versatility of this set up is PERFECT for Australian conditions.

I suppose you can guess by now, that I absolutely LOVE my new camper !!!

Incidentally, the Mazda BT-50 feels very comfortable with the camper on board.

Finally, my experience dealing with Lance Australia.  I have raved to all I meet about your thoroughness, patience and exceptional service.  Not only am I ecstatic about my camper, the experience of dealing with you all, was an absolute joy.  As a single, older woman travelling the road full-time, I was so impressed at the time and effort you all put in to ensure I was able to manage the loading & unloading of the camper, driving it, and, that it was all properly engineered.  I was totally ignorant of the extent of the science involved to ensure it all is compliant and practical.

I have camped all my life – l love it, however, I do enjoy a level of comfort combined with practicality.  I have tried everything:  tenting, caravanning, motorhomes, motels / hotels . . .

At long last I have found the perfect solution.  The slide on camper is easy to manage, economical, I do not have to tow, and when I arrive at my destination, I have a car.

PERFECT !!!  Thank you !!!

Kind Regards,

Silke Heinsen    W: www.POI-Australia.com.au

E: explore@POI-Australia.com.au

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I was never a fan of the idea of buying an RV, the main factors that deterred me from buying an RV eg. Caravan was the additional registration, replacement of tyres and the limited off road ability you have with most caravans/RV’s. My wife however, was not going to let up. I had a friend suggest to me that I should look at a slide on. After he outlined the benefits, and I had convinced my wife of the compromise, her task was to find the RIGHT slide on. After much consideration, I gave Ben at Truck Camper Sales a ring. The next phase of our life was set in motion.

With the Lance I can tow my boat to any destination I please, and it is on a trailer. I don’t have to mount it on top of my vehicle and deal with all the issues associated with that. Being a compact slide on, it allows me the freedom to slide it off my ute and we have the freedom to come and go as we please.

From my wife’s perspective the most important feature is the internal shower & toilet facility. A roomy queen sized bed is a bonus as well. Overall the creature comforts are well catered for, Television, stereo system, microwave, refrigerator and air conditioning are all top notch.

The ease to which you can slide the van on and off is awesome. The remote controlled electric jacks make this task simple and efficient, taking no more than a matter of minutes to accomplish. I’m amazed at how brilliant it is to travel. I have a 2010 Toyota Landcruiser cab chassis, and you would hardly know that the van is on the back. The ute does it with ease, and we have the ability to get, “right off road”.

All in all, it is an impressive set up. Being from Echuca, there is an understandable appreciation for a well set up Landcruiser ute, however, I have received a lot of comment regarding the Lance. The overall quality of the finish and impressive stature has received a lot of praise. Comments like, “I have not seen anything like this” and ‘this is awesome” are not uncommon. The Lance, or “The Super Box” as we call it, sells itself. Friends we have shown who are considering an RV, most believe they need to get themselves one.

I wish to thank Ben & the Team at Truck Camper sales for all their help in making this an enjoyable experience. This is a family operation and we had the privilege to spend the night with the Davis family, and it didn’t take long to appreciate the sincerity, honesty and integrity that we were exposed to. My wife and I drove away with our new Lance feeling 100% happy that we had made the right decision thanks to the wonderful service and tuition that the Davis’s had provided to us.

Kieran and Kym Mcasey


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As we prepared for our long awaited retirement we spent the best part of an entire year researching which RV would be best for “hopefully” our many years on the road together. My wife and I searched and searched and went to caravan shows and searched some more.

We started to identify some of the great things that a slide on camper can do. Its versatility was really a winner in our eyes. We started to really look head long into the slide on camper market. Many we saw were simply over priced fold out tents that you pack on the top of your vehicle.

I saw on Pinterest an image of a Lance Camper. “This was no pop up tent” I thought. I started to look into this camper and its history in the US. “Great” I found a Lance distributor in Australia. I phoned Ben and John and Truck Camper Sales and immediately found a connection. Their product knowledge was exceptional. They carefully showed me through their range of slide on campers, explaining all the benefits a Lance Camper has over its competitors (and when you look at when, it is absolutely obvious)

We started to think seriously about a Lance Camper as our future home away from home. We decided on the 855S. Which is a short bed but still a massive camper. When inside the camper and the slide out is expanded it is truly amazing the space to live in. It is amazing that you are effectively on the back of a ute.

One of the many benefits we are experiencingis thate can park it at the shops in a normal parking space, we can take it to the beach and park it normally. And also when using the easy detach option and the electric legs, we can get the camper off the back of our ute in about 4 minutes flat. “such a relief”, and not bending down unhooking trailers, jockey wheels etc…..

My favourite feature on our Lance Camper would have to be the dinette. Night after night we spend in our dinette, playing cards, chatting, watching TV and sharing a meal together. It’s like a little dinette in one of the those old American cafes. “We just love it”

Thank you Ben and John for your wonderful service and attention to detail. Our camper has and is serving us perfectly and having all the plugs, outlets and USB adaptors in the camper makes it just like home.

Thanks again and we look forward to catching up again soon, probably on our next whirlwind trip up the east coast……

Steve and Jan McMahon

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