Truck & Camper compatability

A great guide to assess which trucks are suitable for which Slide On Camper is found on the US Lance Campers website. A direct link to this site below is there to assist you.


Camper and Truck Compatibility guide Lance Campers


Truck manufacturers provide consumers with certain ratings to help determine the capacities of the truck, as manufactured. Some of these ratings are posted on the driver’s side door jam, on a label in the glove box, or in the owner’s manual or other literature.

If you already own a truck that you intend to use for a camper, it’s always wise to take it to a commercial truck scale to determine the actual weight of the truck. That information along with your truck capacity information will help you determine the remaining capacities for carrying and/or towing.

Camper weights both dry and wet vary depending on what optional equipment you have installed and how full your holding tanks are. Also, take into consideration the weight of passengers, gear and trailer tongue weight (if applicable).

Truck and camper package handling can be greatly improved by the addition of support equipment like air springs, special shocks absorbers, and cabover shocks. Obtain advice regarding proper installation and the need for support equipment. Maintaining maximum tire pressure on quality tires with ratings equal to, or better than, your original tires is also helpful.

Download the slide on camper specifications chart

Slide On Camper on Mazda BT50 utility

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