All the Lance Slide On Camper features available from Truck Camper Sales

Lance Camper accessories for purchase in Australia

  • Aerodynamic Nose Cap
  • Abundant Storage
  • Auto Transfer Switch
  • Back Up Camera
  • Battery Separator
  • Black Tank Flush
  • Dual BTU Furnace
  • Dual Pane Windows
  • 4 Seasons Package
  • Exterior BBQ Hook-Up
  • Heki Skylight
  • Lance Lock Construction
  • RV Stereo iPod Capable
  • Large Usable Bathroom
  • LED Lighting Saves Energy
  • Propane Generator
  • Roof Rack System
  • Satellite HDTV Dish
  • Solar Power for Dry-Camping
  • Tent Option (Select Models)………..amongst many other options. See below !


Bed-Maid for slide on camper comfort

Bonded laminate camper walls

camper led reading lights for camping

camper trailer LED-Wardrobe-light

camper van docking-lights

camper van LED-patio-light

camper van stereo and ipod dock

camper van-swingout-jack-brackets


exterior propane bbq section for slide on camper

four seasons lance camper dual-windows

four seasons-bed-insulator

generator for lance camper

glazed cabinet doors for lance products

heki sky light for rv

insulated hatch covers for campers

ladder for camper van for sale

lance camper awning sales

lance camper azdel lightweight construction

lance camper hd antenna

lance camper roof rack system

lance camper tank flush

lance fantastic-roof-vent

lance lite ply panels for campers

Lance propane connection

Lance Roll Out Awning

lancelock consruction for campers

led interior light for camping

magazine rack for camping

monitor panel for led lights lance camper

moulded galley top lance camper


rv campervan-Satelite-Dish

rv camping-19in-HDTV

satellite dish for rv australia

Slide on camper wall wash station

slide on campter atwood water heater

slide out pantry for interior or rv

Solar-Panel for rv camper

swing out door for lance camper




tent bed for camper van

wireless rv camper backup-camera


The Lance Slide On Camper range offers a variety of standard and optional accessories for each camper type. A handy tool to work out which model carries which accessory as standard is the USA Lance Camper website located at

If you go to the following link you can look at each model and  see exactly what is standard and what is an additional extra.

Alternatively, call us on (02) 9652 2869 and we would be more than happy to explain it all to you.

Tow equipment lance campers australia

1. Reese® Tow Beast™ Class V hitch/extension system

It Increases your towing capabilities over a stock factory hitch and is the strongest, most reliable towing equipment system we’ve found. It’s comprised of four basic components includes a Class V receiver hitch, a Class V hitch box extension, trailer wiring harness and safety chains. The Class V receiver hitch is bolted to the underside of your truck frame, replacing your original receiver hitch.

When you are not towing loads that require an extended hitch, included in Reese’s system is a reducer sleeve, that you use to reconnect the hitch ball/draw bar to the receiver hitch.

2. Wireless ASA/AudioVox® rear-view observation camera

A rugged colour video camera with a built-in microphone mounted on the rear upper wall in a waterproof housing and works in conjunction with the in-cab rear-view camera monitor (which is included).

3. Frame-mount anchoring system and front and rear centring guides

They are mounted inside the truck’s bed to assist with aligning a camper to centre within the bed. They also help prevent a camper from moving and rubbing the truck bed while driving. (Happijac® shown.)

4. Front and rear turnbuckles with Qwik-Load™ upgrades

They are the safest and strongest turn buckles on the market. Happijac’s chrome-plated anchors and tie-downs are designed to eliminate bulky, unsightly, or dangerous protrusions and with the Qwik-Load upgrades, installation is a snap. The front turnbuckles are spring-loaded to absorb all those bounces in the road. (Happijac® shown.)

5. Air Lift® Super Duty™ air springs with Lance-exclusive internal jounce bumpers

They assist in levelling the truck and camper by transferring some of the rear axle load forward. They also increase stability. With Lance’s exclusive internal jounce bumpers there’s added cushion and support.

6. Rancho® RS-9000X™ front and rear shocks

Rancho’s RS-9000X are a great addition for improving the ride under all conditions. They add more stability when encountering windy conditions or on rough roads, and improve ride substantially on seamed highways. Rancho’s RS-9000X shocks have proven to do an excellent job and are easily adjustable. For added convenience, a dual in-cab control kit (Air Lift’s Air-On-Demand) is available so your ride can be fine-tuned while driving.

7. Air Lift Air-On-Demand™ dual in-cab control

Gauges displays the air pressure of the Air Lift air springs and Rancho RS-9000X shocks settings. Switches on the control panel activate the compressor, inflating them to the desired air pressure and shock adjustment.

8. Lance Custom Design™ cab over shock system

Lance exclusive cab over shocks attach to the camper and truck to reduce the impact of up-and-down motion created by irregular road surfaces. These specially designed, aircraft-quality shocks do a remarkable job of smoothing out the camper ride. Stainless steel quick-release connector brackets on both ends make taking them on or off a breeze.

9. Rear-mounted centring guides

They assist in positioning your camper within the truck bed and are available for most truck models.

Support equipment Lance Campers


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