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360 view lance slide on campers

Slide On Truck Camper 360 degree photography

Lance Launches All New 360 Interior Photography

Lancaster, California – 3/29/16 – As part of the planned improvements to their consumer website, Lance has added all new 360 interior photography for select models.

“The addition of 360 product tours is a tactic we have had on our digital marketing “checklist” for some time and quite frankly are late to the party with,” states Director of Marketing Bob Rogers. “Although certainly not cutting edge technology, our ability to produce interactive 360 tours provides a high quality visual experience for customers visiting our website. Users can scan, zoom and move from one room to another within a Lance RV without having to leave their home.

It’s not as easy as most think, as with most photography and videography, camera and lens quality as well as great lighting are key.”

With 360 photography, there is nowhere to set up supplemental lighting like you can with traditional fixed frame photography. You have to rely on the lighting in the unit itself and make minor corrections in postproduction. It is an art to be able to remove the area where the camera is placed, most photographers simply create a “hole” or maybe add a logo to that area.

To see the Slide On Camper 360 degree photography of the 650, 1062 and 1172 go to

slide on camper build your own australia

Build your own slide on camper

There’s no better way to ensure your slide on camper is loaded with all of your favorite features than to build it yourself. On the Lance Camper website, you can build your dream truck camper, travel trailer or toy hauler in a matter of minutes. Simply choose your favorite amenities and features, and we’ll construct your custom-made Lance RV.

How It Works

The process of building your dream Lance slide on camper is easy. Simply go to our website, click on the “Build Yours” tab, and choose the Lance model you prefer. You’ll be able to select from our nine truck camper floorplans, nine travel trailer floorplans and two toy hauler floorplans.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect Lance model, you’ll be prompted to enter your name and start choosing features. You can choose from a selection of interior decor options, two dinette options, electrical features, exterior features, water system features, appliances and more. You’ll choose from items as important as solar panels and as minor as spice and magazine racks.

Viewing Your Lance Slide On Camper

Choosing your desired Lance slide on camper features may take a few moments, but as soon as you’re finished, you’ll be able to view your Lance camper, travel trailer or toy hauler. Our unique system will display all of the features included in your Lance slide on camper as well as your specific floorplan, complete with specs and the features you chose.

You’ll then be able to go back and adjust your selections, print your Lance slide on camper information for research and discussion with sales staff.

For our Australian customers you of course will need to contact us at Truck Camper Sales to finalise and discuss all of the options required, however this handy tool allows for you to research and see what options are available for consideration in inclusion in your slide on camper.


Remember that Truck Camper Sales Australia include a range of options in our Australian compliant campers ‘as standard’ Contact us to see exactly what you get for your money.

brisbane slide on campers

The smallest slide on camper from Lance Campers here in Australia

Its here…. the smallest Lance Slide On Camper ever…. The 650 model.

We recently unpacked the first of Lance’s smallest slide on camper ever. The amazing new 650 by manufacturer Lance Camper is set to take the Australian market by storm. Historically the main issue with fitting a Lance Camper to the Australian made utilities is pay load capacity. Lance Campers are solid in construction and packed with accessories, appliances and features but the one draw back with all these features is the weight of the campers. The mid to upper range of Lance Slide On Campers are too heavy for our standard Australian utilities.

The game has now changed with the introduction of the Lance 650. Having worked with Lance Camper for several years now Truck Camper Sales Australia have highlighted to the manufacturer the need for a lighter weight model to suit utilities with a smaller pay load. Well now in 2016 that request has come to fruition.

The 650 model still has an internal bathroom, kitchen area, dinette, cabover bed, refrigerator and air conditioner. None of the great items we have all grown to love from Lance Camper have been excluded. The 650 model is actually even higher internally than its big brother the Lance 825. The Lance 650 is actually the height internally of the Lance 855S which is the mid range camper in the fleet. So where some areas of the camper have been brought in in size to minimise weight the camper height and internal appliance is very similar to the 855S model. Lances state of the art computer design programming has allowed the design of the 650 to really maximise ALL space in and around the voids within the camper structure. These campers fit our Aussie sized utilities Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Holden Colorado and Toyota Hilux making it sure to be an Australian hit.

To be one of the first to see this slide on in the flesh contact Ben and the Truck Camper Sales team at or call them on (02) 9652 2869

slide on campers unpacked sydney the lance 650 model in container unpacked