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Whats New for Lance Campers in 2016

The amazing new 650 by manufacturer Lance Camper is set to take the Australian market by storm. Historically the main issue with fitting a Lance Camper to the Australian made utilities is pay load capacity. Lance Campers are solid in construction and packed with accessories, appliances and features but the one draw back with all these features is the weight of the campers. The mid to upper range of Lance Slide On Campers are too heavy for our standard Australian utilities.

The game has now changed with the introduction of the Lance 650. Having worked with Lance Camper for several years now Truck Camper Sales Australia have highlighted to the manufacturer the need for a lighter weight model to suit utilities with a smaller pay load. Well now in 2016 that request is coming to fruition. Truck Camper sales introduce their first shipment of the Lance 650 in February, 2016.

The 650 model still has an internal bathroom, kitchen area, dinette, cabover bed, refrigerator and air conditioner. None of the great items we have all grown to love from Lance Camper have been excluded. The 650 model is actually even higher internally than its big brother the Lance 825. The Lance 650 is actually the height internally of the Lance 855S which is the mid range camper in the fleet. So where some areas of the camper have been brought in in size to minimise weight the camper height and internal appliance is very similar to the 855S model. Lances state of the art computer design programming has allowed the design of the 650 to really maximise ALL space in and around the voids within the camper structure.

To be one of the first to see this slide on in the flesh contact Ben and the Truck Camper Sales team at or call them on (02) 9652 2869

lance camper on ford ftruck australia

2015 Lance Camper range from USA to Aus

Lance Camper Product Enhancements for 2016

We are excited to share some product enhancements for our 2016 Truck

Campers (Slide On Campers.

These key enhancements are on all products manufactured started (August

17th, 2015) and include the following:


All New Full Torque Frameless Window Design!

New tinted dual pane window design looks great and allows opening of window

when it’s raining (all models).


New Self-Closing Drawer Guides!

Customers will love this luxury residential touch, on all drawers with metal guides

(all models).


New App Based Stereo System!

Features app based controls for use anywhere within blue tooth range of stereo

and front USB port that accepts USB jump drives and also charges smartphones

(all models).


Additional Enhancements Include:

New Magnetic Baggage Door Latches (all models)

New Sliding Dinette Table Guide Assembly (models 825, 850 & 865)

New Interior & Exterior Speaker Design (Magnadyne)

New Lightweight Mattress Design (models 825 & 865)

New Velcro Cushion Retainer Strips (models 855S, 975, 995, 1062 & 1172)

Incorporated New LCD Bracket Design (models 825, 850 & 865)

Videos by Lance Slide On Campers

Helpful HOW TO videos rolling out by Truck Camper Sales

Our helpful how to Videos to get you up and going with your Lance Camper.
Some of the informative videos will include:
  • How to use your Atwood Electric Legs
  • How to manually slide in the camper slide out dinette
  • How to empty your grey water tank
  • How to use the fold out bunk bed
  • How to safely connect your gas bottles
  • How to use your water heater
  • How to operate the internal stereo and speakers
  • How to power up your camper…… (to name a few)
In excess of 30 new videos are about to come online in the next 3 months… Stay tuned. To see some of our new videos [CLICK HERE]
Videos by Lance Slide On Campers
lance camper on ford ftruck australia

2016 SLIDE ON CAMPERS nearly here in Australia

In 2016 Lance Camper introduce the smallest Lance SLIDE ON Camper ever built. The Lance 650. Still with all the great features that we all know and love from Lance, however this model enables even more vehicles here in Australia to carry it.

In some cases people wanting to buy a Lance Camper have discovered that their current vehicle’s GVM is not sufficient to carry the Lance Camper they want. We have various remedies for this including:
1. Fitting of a Lazy Axle to the vehicle
2. GVM upgrade
3. Trade in and upgrade of their current vehicle to a more suitably sized vehicle
4. Custom trailer option

However now with the introduction of the Lance 650 model [CLICK HERE TO SEE IT] the options for our common Australian utility vehicles has dramatically increased.

To learn more about the 650 model please give us a call or send us a quick email and we can forward you the information shee on this great new camper we are so fortunate to have been designed by US’ No.1 Slide On Camper manufacturer…. Lance Camper.

Lance Camper Bathroom snap shot

The most spacious bathroom for slide on campers


Check out the bathroom on our Lance Campers. All Lance Slide On Campers are fitted with bathrooms internal to the main camper unit. They are spacious, well equipped and we find that so many people are absolutely amazed that a slide on camper comes with a bathroom…. see our video for a short tour.

See FB for the tour