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Lance Camper Australia towing boat for travel



I was never a fan of the idea of buying an RV, the main factors that deterred me from buying an RV eg. Caravan was the additional registration, replacement of tyres and the limited off road ability you have with most caravans/RV’s. My wife however, was not going to let up. I had a friend suggest to me that I should look at a slide on. After he outlined the benefits, and I had convinced my wife of the compromise, her task was to find the RIGHT slide on. After much consideration, I gave Ben at Truck Camper Sales a ring. The next phase of our life was set in motion.

With the Lance I can tow my boat to any destination I please, and it is on a trailer. I don’t have to mount it on top of my vehicle and deal with all the issues associated with that. Being a compact slide on, it allows me the freedom to slide it off my ute and we have the freedom to come and go as we please.


From my wife’s perspective the most important feature is the internal shower & toilet facility. A roomy queen sized bed is a bonus as well. Overall the creature comforts are well catered for, Television, stereo system, microwave, refrigerator and air conditioning are all top notch.


The ease to which you can slide the van on and off is awesome. The remote controlled electric jacks make this task simple and efficient, taking no more than a matter of minutes to accomplish. I’m amazed at how brilliant it is to travel. I have a 2010 Toyota Landcruiser cab chassis, and you would hardly know that the van is on the back. The ute does it with ease, and we have the ability to get, “right off road”.


All in all, it is an impressive set up. Being from Echuca, there is an understandable appreciation for a well set up Landcruiser ute, however, I have received a lot of comment regarding the Lance. The overall quality of the finish and impressive stature has received a lot of praise. Comments like, “I have not seen anything like this” and ‘this is awesome” are not uncommon. The Lance, or “The Super Box” as we call it, sells itself. Friends we have shown who are considering an RV, most believe they need to get themselves one.


I wish to thank Ben & the Team at Truck Camper sales for all their help in making this an enjoyable experience. This is a family operation and we had the privilege to spend the night with the Davis family, and it didn’t take long to appreciate the sincerity, honesty and integrity that we were exposed to. My wife and I drove away with our new Lance feeling 100% happy that we had made the right decision thanks to the wonderful service and tuition that the Davis’s had provided to us.

Kieran and Kym Mcasey

Lance Brand Amabassador Program

Lance Camper Mfg. Corp. is excited to launch their Brand Ambassador program. Lance looks to its existing owner base in order to tap into an organic source of education and information about their product.
“We’re excited to open up this opportunity for a next level relationship with our owners,” says Lance Camper Marketing coordinator Jim Waters, “ We feel that we have a very educated and loyal network of individuals who can and want to help us share the Lance brand, the Lance experience and RV lifestyle.”
Lance is looking for owners to fill Ambassador roles throughout all of their target demographics. These could be individuals, couples or larger families with a trailer, truck camper or toy haulers based around the nation with specific hobbies or knowledge pertaining to the RV lifestyle.

Director of Marketing, Bob Rogers, said, “We want to key in on all of the stories from our diverse owner base and in turn educate and excite others. The main objective is to open a pipeline of content and support directly from the field. One ambassador might be a truck camper owner who tows a horse trailer to equestrian events and provides articles and photos; another could be a family who uses their trailer on weekender trips and wants to open their RV to fireside demo sessions during their travels. Yet another may want to help staff our product display at retail shows. In all cases we want brand evangelists to share their passion about the Lance brand & RV lifestyle.”

About Lance Campers…
Founded in 1965, with headquarters in Lancaster, CA, Lance Camper Mfg. Corp., is the premier manufacturer of truck campers in North America – and their line of ultra-light travel trailers and all new toy haulers are some of the fastest-growing RV lines in the market.
Specializing in the design and construction of high-quality RVs, Lance’s recent 12th year win of the RVDA’s prestigious and coveted DSI (Dealer Satisfaction Index) Quality Circle Award is a direct reflection of this quality in both their products and the service provided to Lance dealers and consumers for the past 50 years.

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