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VW Transporter with Lance Camper 825 model fitted

Stay tuned for a write up on the fit out of a VW Transporter (dual cab / tray back) to a Short Bed Lance Camper 825 model. More options for the Australian market.

VW transporter and Lance Camper 825 Model sm

More options for the majority of of vehicle and trucks available in Australia. Truck Camper Sales are working on a range of vehicle fit out options to suit the more commonly used vehicles in Australia.

Waeco Fridge for Lance Camper 825 model

Australian compliant Waeco refrigerator for Lance Camper 825 model

The neatly fitted WAECO refrigerator (fully Australian compliant and warranted) in our 825 Short Bed model Lance Campers.
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The fit out of our latest 825 model Lance Campers has been a challenging but thought provoking mission. At Truck Camper Sales our vision of completely Australian compliant campers for our Australian customers is becoming a reality.

We handed over one of our 825 model Lance Campers last week to some very excited and happy customers. A flawless fit out of Australian compliant appliances and related back end materials really set this camper apart from the competition.

We are proud to be working on our latest 1052 Long Bed and 855S Short bed Lance Camper models in the next few days. Truck Camper Sales

Toyota Landcruiser and Lance Camper 825 Model

An iconic Australia proud vehicle the Toyota Landcruiser has just been fitted with our Lance Camper model 825. A great combination and really opens up opportunities for those Aussies out there with Landcruisers to consider the Lance Camper experience.

There are a range of fit out options and with suspension and tray modifications it can make a really good looking set up. There are options to build steel boxes down the side of the tray to use the extra space that the Lance Camper leaves on the side of your tray. Check it out below. We will post some more photos of this set up on tour when all the modifications are complete.

Lance Camper and Toyota Landcruiser Australia Toyota Lancruiser with Lance Camper 825 model in Australia

Karakar Horse Floats and Lance Campers Australia

Kara Kar Horse Floats and Truck Camper Sales

Karakar Horse Floats and Lance Campers Australia

For over 50 years Kara Kar have built Australia’s favourite and highest quality Horse Floats and Goosenecks.

Kara Kar introduced the angle load float to Australia which uses precious space more efficiently. The experience of Kara Kar has resulted in their floats being structurally superior; renowned for their towing ease, providing a safe and comfortable ride for your horse. Every Kara Kar float is built using superior quality materials, fixtures and fittings and backed by a 5 year structural warranty.

Tow your float whilst having your accommodation on board with a Lance Slide on Camper. Call us and see how we can combine the two in a deal for you. P: 1300 527 2527

Karakar warrant Lance Campers

825 lance camper 2015 model

825 Model Lance Slide On Campers ready for viewing NOW !


Lance Short Bed Model 825 – Slide on Camper

Call or email us now…… to reserve your time to view our Lance 825 model slide on campers currently on site. The first of the 2015 models are in our workshop and are undergoing their Australian compliant fit out. They will only be with us for short week or two as these campers are prepping to go out to their owners as soon as ready.

For those who have been waiting to see one in the flesh….now is the time to view them. Dependant on which day you wish to come down will depend on which of the two is more advanced through its fit out. Best to call or email us to get a heads up as to the status of the campers.

If you are interested in an 825 slide on camper… is the time to come down for a look before these little beauties are shipped out to their owners.

As always you can get us on (02) 9652 2869

We have 2 x 855S Short Beds and 2 x 1052 Long Beds on the high seas at the moment heading our way. These too are the new 2015 models. They will arrive mid March so a viewing of these models can be arranged if you miss out on seeing these 825 models. Look forward to showing you around these beautiful 2015 models…..

Australian compliant US built slide on campers by Lance Campers